fighting for
our home states

We’re ex-pats from the heartland, making lives in big cities, building bridges back home.

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Partner Initiatives

We support the most exciting, innovative grassroots organizing in the heartland.

NAFTA Story Project
working families party
Power to the People
Humans of Addiction
The Race and Class Narrative Project
Home state associations

We are currently operating 5 Home State Associations in New York City. Join now and come to your home state’s next monthly meeting.

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Don’t live in any of these cities? Let us know where you are and we’ll work to get a chapter set up as soon as we can.

Heartland Rising is proud to be affiliated with Hometown Connect. Our two organizations are working in partnership to build bridges across the rural-urban divide to build power for rural communities.

We are grateful to Hometown Connect for developing a model for building domestic hometown associations that has served as a source of inspiration for Heartland Rising’s home state associations.  

We need you

Winning this fight will take people and money, so whether or not you’re from the heartland, you can get involved.